Dear Landlord,

I would like to introduce the Managed Lease department and glad to manage your property. I will be actively in touch with you and your tenant regarding all matters pertaining their tenancy thus ensuring hassle-free management.

We offer the following:
* Drafting, Renewal and enforcing tenancy agreements.
* Collection of deposit
* Timely collection of the rent
* Collection and remittance of Service Charge
* Handling tenancy issues like repairs and other requests
* Liaise with the tenant on your behalf on all matters pertaining to the tenancy
* Legal Advice
* Regular Inspection of the unit (incoming and 6 monthly inspections)
* We assist Landlords & Home Owners with looking for genuine professional tenants.
* We also help with the management of your properties,
* If you have a fully furnished home, we can manage and even list it on various booking platforms such as Airbnb,, Expedia, and even our own platform
(Hassle-free management of your Airbnb bookings.)
* We will assist you in selling your property, homes and land included

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